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digital temperature sensor

digital temperature sensor

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LM2596HV DC-DC adjustable step-down module

LM2596HV DC-DC adjustable step-down module

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About Us

The LESI company is a producer and technological leader on the market of  security systems and unconventional electronics. Our products are distinguished for their extreme quality, high reliability and the multiple functional opportunities and for those reasons they drastically  exceed the average level of the similar products on the market.

The LESI company has its own production departments, based on all world requirements and standards  for producing high quality electronics, which are supplied with fully automatic assembly line of high-quality mashines.

The basic principles during the invention and producing of  our devices are;

 - high-quality and safe work

 - reliable security options

 - users’comfort andsafety

 - simplicity and flexibility in mounting

 - multiple functional opportunities

 - customers’right to chose the best option and to satisfy all clients’requirements

Intelectual property of our company are the  trade marks: VALCOR, BULKEY, CERBER, VARAN, CROTAL, LESI SECURITY GROUP, LESI AUTOMATION.

The LESI company is established by a group of engineers – specialists in the sphere of electronics and microprocessors. The starting activity in 1990 was mounting of alarm systems and the producing of security systems began in 1994. Our leading motivation is to offer something different from the average products on the market and to produce devices which can guarantee the safety of our clients. That’s why all our efforts are to provide the safe living of the citizens and we try to do our best to accomplish that goal. The managers and associate assistants always search for new opportunities to improve the product list, the production process and the professionalism of our team, because we know the society expects from us responsible behavior and professional opinion and assessment. During all the years of existence our company has proved to be a reliable partner, offering reasonable prices, excellent mounting, made by highly qualified specialists and providing kind and professional service.

The company started its activities in 1990 with production of unconventional electronic devices and industrial controllers and mounting of security systems for cars, offices and private homes. In 1991 started serial production of  thermo controllersand unconventional industrial controllers. Since that time we have produced multiple types of controllers for industrial needs. The company still continues to produce industrial and specialized controllers on custommers’request for producers in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Germany, Holland, Canada, South Africa etc.

After gathering a significant experience in mounting and usage of security systems, in 1994 the company started a serial production of security systems, using the most up-to-date technology and all the experience, based on the production of industrial controllers. We were inspired to produce quality and difficult to deactivate alarm systems and accessories for them, different from the mass production which guarantee real protection from burglars.

In 1996 initiated and introduced 3 levels of quality control-incoming control, intermediate control of different stages of production and outgoing control  and also a full and detailed testing of quality and parameters of the products in our well equipped laboratories. The quality and parameters of new products are tested in different independent laboratories. In March 1997 the company introduced the SMD production technology which significantly increased the quality and productivity and reduced the physical size of the products. In 2006 we reequipped our production halls with new high-technology mashines and fully automated assembly line.

In 1994 we produced the first car security product-immobilizer “IM GRIZLE”

In 1995 we started production of phone dialers / 3 models-one of them a tone dialer and the other two-voice dialers/ and home security systems under the trade mark “PROTON”.

In 1997 we started production of electronic locking systems “BULKEY”.

In December 1999 the first car alarm system “VALCOR” model VR 52 was produced.

In March 2000 after the well accepted model VR 52 we started production of model VR 36.

Then we had a period of inventing new models and proving the quality of our security systems. In 2004 we had a new avanguard system for signalizing –the GSM communicator.

In order to satisfy the requirements of the market and having in mind the industrious mind of  present  burglars and our high self requirements the LESI company continues to invent new products on a high technological level and during the years we stick to high quality, adequate prices and perfect mounting by excellent specialists.


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Electronic door lock BULKEY BK VCB3

Electronic door lock BULKEY BK VCB3

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