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digital temperature sensor

digital temperature sensor

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LM2596HV DC-DC adjustable step-down module

LM2596HV DC-DC adjustable step-down module

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Contactless RFID electronic keys type TAG

Code: TAG

Electronic RFID keys are made as  key rings-TAG. They could be printed on or engraved.They are comfortable , ergonomic and have long life.

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The systems working with that type of electronic keys can use 3 types of readers-build in,panel and wall reader,depending on the place of usage of the locking system.  The fact  they can read the code of the electronic key from distance-from 1 cm. up to 12 cm./usually between 2 and 5 cm./ gives opportunity to hide them by mounting behind non magnetic surface like glass, wood etc. The advantage of the built-in contactless reader /patent of the LESI company/is that it can be mounted directly on the door or on the door frame and at the same time the reader can't be stolen.
  The electronic RFID key has 64 bit code. The system is highly reliable and safe due to the specially invented antiscanning and because of the many code combinations available. It's safe and reliable even to unlocking by using high technology computers and systems. Great advantage of the standart RFID key is the lowest price possible among all electronic keys.

 There are variations of RFID keys  with cryptography or a longer code.

Frequency: 125KHZ ASK,No Battery.
Available Material: PVC
Color: Gray
Operating Temp: -20 to +60'C.
Dimensions:40.5*32*4.2 mm.
Application: Access Control,Parking Lot,Campus ID,Time Attendance, Skating<,Tickets, Hotel Management, Transportation, Identification,logistics, Industrial Automation, Membership,Laundry, E-payment,Public, Transporation, Animal tracking, Swimming Pool, Massage Center, Recreation Center.


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Electronic door lock BULKEY BK VCB3

Electronic door lock BULKEY BK VCB3

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