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digital temperature sensor

digital temperature sensor

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LM2596HV DC-DC adjustable step-down module

LM2596HV DC-DC adjustable step-down module

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Elevator access control RFID 125 kHz BulKey 417_03

Code: BKU 417_03 A

The device is delivered with light indication and reader for flush mounting - no visible elements, which protects it from vandalism attacks. The reader has a range up to 10 cm., And must be mounted behind non-metallic surfaces (e.g. wall of the cab) and away from metal objects. The unit works with up to 999 the number of RFID cards have memory for up to 4064 events. The only visible part of the controller is the LED that shows up anywhere.

Despite its small size, the device combines reader keys management: buttons in the cab by an additional relay, buzzer, key service functions, there is a output to connect to the computer. Can be operated with dedicated GSM Communicator for remote control Valcor GSM472 / 474, by which, in addition to Master key can control the state of the user keys.

Extremely easy installation, maintenance and programming.

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The kit includes master card, which is used for system programming and for recording and deleting system keys. The patented light indication system by the LESI company which shows the number of keys in use by the system, the users can easily perform control and programming, record, delete, see status, and get total count. For ease of use, in case of use of numerous keys, frequent deleting, recording and access control. Big advantage of BKU417 is the patented mounting reader, which mounts directly in the door frame along with the whole system. This makes the systemextremely resistant to vandalism. The system needs only DC12V power supply.

BKU417has internal memory for the keys and offers the capability to choose events, which are memorized in chronological order by date and time. The system clock is power supply dependent i.e. it resets to 2001.01.01after every power outage. In the event that the time stamp of an event has to be recovered, the time stamp can be looked up and the actual time of the vent can be calculated via regression. The power supply dependency can be resolved by using a battery.

BKU417can be connected to a computer for easier control. Big advantage of the BKU 417 system over other similar systems is the system’s access capability through both computer linked master card, but as well as through a password. The system incorporates both high security 32 bit password, as well as 40 bit password for specific functions access. This capability allows the owner to allow access to a trusted user who can control the recording, access granting and denial, or deleting via specialized BulKey software, but will not be able to change passwords and the master card. Password access allows:

>Remote system control via GSM or LAN communicator-change of settings, keys control, etc.

>Each system is configurable to be connected with similar systems in a common network. The systems can be addressed, and to vary the speed with which they communicate between themselves. Networking allows the total control via a LAN or GSM communicator.

The master key access is equivalent to 40 bit password.

More detail regarding system access can be obtained by purchasing the specialized software with data cable BulKey offered by the LESI company.

There are three system version depending on the reading element-concealed mounting, door frame mounting, and door frame mounting with light indicator.

The kit includes: System, master card, documentation. The user electronic keys are not included. They depend on each client’s individual requirements. Details and pricing can be seen here:


-Electronic keys-contactless

-Intelligent managementof electromagnetic locks – electric strike, electric Drop Bolt, electromagnet

-Ability to work withup to 999keys

-Internal clock

-Programmable memory of events related to system functionality up to 4064 events

-The events are memorized in chronological order with a time stamp

-Capability to select the type of events to be memorized

-Computer link protected by master key or password.

-Remote control via GSM or LAN communicator

-Abilityto use the systemfor access control

-Connection to a common network of systems for building control.

-User programmable

-User recording, deleting, and temporary access control of all keys

-Count of all recorded keys

-Status check of each key

-Ability to delete, change, or change the status of a lost key.

-Transistor output 1.5A for lock control

-Input for a fast lock/unlock button

-Input of internal phone control

-Light indicated reader

-Two modes-manual and automatic

-Position status-locked/unlocked

-Ability to control the function of the Unlock button (On/Off)

-Automatic preventive reactivation of the system in case of unlock without opening the door

-Programmable sound indication in case of alarm or malfunction

-Programmable Door Bell function

-Light indicator of the lock-locked/unlocked

-Key scan protection

-Power independent memory

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Electronic door lock BULKEY BK VCB3

Electronic door lock BULKEY BK VCB3

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