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digital temperature sensor

digital temperature sensor

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LM2596HV DC-DC adjustable step-down module

LM2596HV DC-DC adjustable step-down module

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Module for remote starting Valcor VDP

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VALCOR REMOTE START is an intelligent, fully automated module with microprocessor control and lots of programmable features designed for remote starting of the engine.

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The system is universal and it can be used to start the engine of all types of cars and motorcycles. When you want to start the engine by remote ignition, press a button on the remote control (on the module to which the remote starting is connected - alarm or other) and hold it for 3 seconds., Then the module will initiate engine starting - first initiating contact, waiting for a certain time (for heating or uploading gasoline), then giving a pulse to the starter. The operating time of the starter depends on what kind of controls will be used for the engine running and it is maximum limited by a parameter. After the expiry of the maximum time, even if the engine is not started, the starter is off. If it is set to make an automatic second retry start, the module will do so, if not - everything will be off. If the unit has started the engine, the maximum operation can be limited to automatic operation of the engine for 15 or 30 minutes.

While the module functions it turns on emergency flashers in order to understand at distance by the light indication that the engine is running, and it is required by law. If the unit is running and you want to move with your car, then you need to put the ignition key in the lock and submit a contact. Then the module reacts to pressing the foot brake or releasing the handbrake, and it will automatically turn off and all the engine control will be left on the ignition key. Practically, the engine does not stop when using remote ignition and drive off with your car. At the same time, this is a protection of  the car from thieves - even if  penetrating  it, no one will be able to start without an ignition key VALCOR REMOTE START, because - if your car is automatic – in order to drive off  the foot brake should be pressed to  release the  gear shifter (the engine is  immediately off ). If your vehicle has a manual transmission - the releasing of hand brake stops the engine immediately.

Monitoring of the engine performance (speed or voltage)

Setting of  the type of  engine - diesel or gasoline;

Automatic contact shut-off when shutting down of the engine.

Possibility of automatical retry if the first try failed.

Monitoring of the gear and handbrake - While the unit is on (engine is running) the emergency flashers work.

There are detailed instructions for operation and installation for all the products, offered by our company!


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