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digital temperature sensor

digital temperature sensor

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LM2596HV DC-DC adjustable step-down module

LM2596HV DC-DC adjustable step-down module

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Three phase microprocessor phasе regulator LFR31-40

Code: LFR31-40

LFR31-40 is a three-phase microprocessor phase regulator, which is used for gradual regulation of the power in three-phase active-inductive loads, such as asynchronous engines or heaters. It’s possible to set upper and lower limit of the power and the revolutions. There are three modes of control: manual by the regulator itself, manual by external potentiometer and automatic by analog signal 0-10 V. There is possibility for remote control turning-on and switching–off as it provides gradual start and avoids starting current. Thermal protection input with indication. Protection against incorrect order of the phases and protection against dropping out of some phases.

  • Manufacturer: LESI
  • Weight: 0.650 Kgs
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Technical parameters:

1. Number of phases of the load - 3
2. Maximumlinearload current- up to 40A
3. Nominal supplying voltage -  AC 380V
4. Protection against incorrect order of  the phases with indication
5. Protection against dropping out of a phase with indication
6. Thermal contact input /built in the engine/ with indication
7. Setting of lower and upper limit of range of regulation
8. Local or remote control on/off
9. Control - local with built-in potentiometer: remote control via external potentiometer; automatic via external analog signal-0-10 V
10. Gradual start

11. Dimensions: 90/80/90 mm

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LFR31 описание [PDF, 299.92 KB]


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