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Blower Cooling Fan 5V 4010 – 5000rpm

Blower Cooling Fan 5V 4010 – 5000rpm

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MaticControl Crypto Module for Raspberry Pi

MaticControl Crypto Module for Raspberry Pi

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Passive Cooling for Raspberry Pi (Heatsink)

Passive Cooling for Raspberry Pi (Heatsink)

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Pulse Counter LAPC02

Code: LAPC

Pulse counter - LAPC02: It is completely independentdevice with a pulse input, which is connected to a pulsewater meter. The counter counts the pulses from the meter and it accumulates in the internal nonvolatile memory. There are individual adjustmentfor coefficient of  division and counting of liters per pulse , depending on the certain water meter to which it is  connected. Theinitial indicationsof the water metercan be set and  then subsequent adjustmentsmay follow. All settings are password protected , which clearly identify the person responsible for  the last settings of the module. The settings and information sharing with pulse module LAPC are realizedthrough the information network andit can be done at the certain placeor through thehub for the whole building,or via GSM communicator from a remote computer.Every counter has an unique manifacturing 32 bit address which allows operation of several billion objects from one base station. If needed the manifacturing address of the counter can be changed as it  must be unique in one  subnet of a concentrator. Pulse counter LAPC has a double supply. In normal condition, when connected to an information networkit is powered parasitically from the concentrator.The counter draws very little power and it is powered by a cablethat sends and receives information. When it is  not connected to a computer network orthe  concentratorhas no power (shortage of supply ~220 V),the counter is supplied by a built-in battery in order to continue its normal operation and not to lose any pulse from the water meter. The battery life is up to 10 years and the counter indicates low battery. The battery can be replaced when needed.

  • Manufacturer: LESI
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Installation - the counter is in a waterproof housing and is mounted near the water meter at a distance of up to 2m.  It is connected to the concentrator with display (LPCD-46) by wire cable 2x0.5m2. Up to 60 pulse counters can be connected in parallel to one cable branch. The connection is non-polar (no matter which wire to which you connect). To a concentrator with display (LPCD-46_24) can be connected Up to 240 pulse counters can be connected to a concentrator with display ( LPCD-46) (4 branches * 60 counters). If you need to connect more than 240 pulse counters a network extender (LNCC8) should be used.


Dimensions of the box:

Protection class:                                  IP65 (waterproof)

Length of the connecting cable:            20 cm


operating:                                            - from the concentrator - max: 15V; max. consumption <1.5m  

Duplicate power:                                 -built-in replaceable battery CR2032 max. life 10 years.

Data and information:                          -kept in non volatile memory.

Connection:                                         -two-wire, non-polar.

Operating temperature:                        -20 / +60 degrees Celsius


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