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DIN rail power supply AC220V/ DC12V 5A comply with EN55022, CLASSA

DIN rail power supply AC220V/ DC12V 5A comply with EN55022, CLASSA

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MaticBox 4 innovative case for Raspberry Pi

MaticBox 4 innovative case for Raspberry Pi

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List Price: 21.42лв.
discounts info
Discounts info
Price excl. tax: 16.23лв.
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Module to protect battery from deep discharge

Module to protect battery from deep discharge

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concentrator with LCD display LPCD- 46

Code: LPCD46

In the remote control systems for reading the hub is used to collect and display the data from the pulse counters connected to it. The concentrator powers and controls all the subordinate network. The pulse counters are set and controlled by the concentrator. The concentrator has a socket for connecting to a PC or GSM communicator. The concentrator and the subordinate network are controlled by it. By 4 line LCD display the concentrator shows all the information from  the pulse counter and at every 8 seconds details from the following counter are shown (that time is user -configurable).  If needed, it is possible to go manually with the help of the keyboard to the indications of a certain counter, using the button "Up" and "Down".

Indications of the display:

The 1-st line has users’ specified information about the reader up to 16 characters. For example, "fl.12 Ap.142" or "The Ivanov’s" or whatever it is set for users’ clarification.

The second line shows the number of the water meter that is connected: example: "Meter N: 12345678901"
The third line shows the type of the water meter and its indications with accuracy up to a 100 liters. For example, cold water "C.water: 12345.6 m3" hot water "H.water: 12345.6 m3".

The fourth line shows the actual date and time: dd-mm-yyyy/hh:mm - "09-06-2011/10:40". If a “NO” button is pressed on the place of the number of water meter the subscribers’ number of the client is shown -  "SN:1234567890123", if it is set, or it shows the number of the meter again. If a counters’ battery has run down, the users’ first line alternatively changes into stating: "Low Battery" and after giving that information still about 6 months of battery life are left. If for some reason the concentrator has no connection to any counter on the place of the indication of the meter "No connection!!" is shown. The hub keeps in its memory the meters’ indications for each counter on every 1-st and 15th day of the month for a year earlier. The clock of the concentrator is supported by a replaceable battery when it is not electricity powered. The battery’s life is 10 years. The concentrator LPCD keeps all parameters and data in non volatile memory.

  • Manufacturer: LESI
  • Weight: 1.000 Kgs
Price excl. tax: 250.00лв.
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Mounting - The concentrator has two ways of installation:
1. Facial - on the cabinetdoor, like a set of concentrator hole pattern has to be made ​​on the door to be installed. This method of installation is typical because it allows everyone to view a display without having to open the cabinet.

2. Hidden - inside the cabinet, as is attached to the back wall of the cabinet. The four branches of the wired network connected via mobile terminals. Each branch has a LED indicator for the current state. The concentrator is ergonomically designed for easy installation in a variety of situations and user-friendly interface.

Display Size:                                                                        - 100 mm / 80 mm
Display Type:                                                                       - LCD, 4 lines, 16 characters per line, the blue backlight.
Power supply:                                                                      - DC12V / max. 0.4A
Operating temperature:                                                     - - 20 / + 60 degrees Celsius
Maximum number of controlled pulse counters:            - 120 / 240 pcs.
Maximum distance of pulse counters from the hub:       - 200 m
Cable to connect the pulse counter with hub:                - 2x0.5m2
Type of connection:                                                         - non polar


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Electronic door lock BULKEY BK VCB3

Electronic door lock BULKEY BK VCB3

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Mobile communicator with a built-in GSM - Valcor GSM50

Mobile communicator with a built-in GSM - Valcor GSM50

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