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digital temperature sensor

digital temperature sensor

Price excl. tax: 7.30лв.
Price inc. tax: 8.76лв.
LM2596HV DC-DC adjustable step-down module

LM2596HV DC-DC adjustable step-down module

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Remote control TX33

Code: TX33

Remote controlswork remotely, so no visible items. Remote controls have a 64 bit code. They have been with random code, which means that each time you press a button there is a different code. Jumping code is expressed in a pseudo-random sequence, moving in a different, unique algorithm for each remote.

  • Manufacturer: Valcor
  • Weight: 0.030 Kgs
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Price inc. tax: 25.20лв.

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Inplants for remote controls system was introduced against scan the code and not by counting random combinations at random time to penetrate into the system. If there was an attempt to disable the system in the remote control, it considers it a loss of synchronization and automatically wants identification remotely via the so-called synchronization procedure.
The disadvantage of remote controls that operate with a battery that is consumable and can be worn at the wrong time. Very remote is relatively complex as a device that makes it easy to be damaged when wet, shock, dust and more.

Another disadvantage isthat the transmission of the code used air, which can be muted intentionally or unintentionally, and the key may not work at this time.
The relatively complex structure of the transmitter and receiver to create a larger one prerequisites element defect, which makes them a lower reliability as compared with the contact switches.

The cost of remote controls is determined depending on the number purchased at a time!
Per 1 piece – 13 euro/ pc.

2 to 6 pieces – 10 euro/ pc.

6 to 19pieces – 9 euro/ pc.

Over 20pieces – 8 euro/ pc.

As a consumable for the remote controls we have boxes – 2 euro.

Quantity Price excl. tax Price inc. tax
1 21.00лв. 25.20лв.
2 18.00лв. 21.60лв.
6 16.50лв. 19.80лв.
20 15.00лв. 18.00лв.


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Electronic door lock BULKEY BK VCB3

Electronic door lock BULKEY BK VCB3

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