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MaticBox 4 innovative case for Raspberry Pi

MaticBox 4 innovative case for Raspberry Pi

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Module to protect battery from deep discharge

Module to protect battery from deep discharge

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Raspberry Pi 4 Model B HDMI Cable 2m

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B HDMI Cable 2m

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electromechanical lock BulKey BKS300

Code: BKS300

The electromechanical lock BulKey BKS300, a product of the LESI company, is used for locking and access control for home and office doors, for which the high level of safety is desirable and mandatory. The electromechanical locks BulKey BKS300 are made for buried installation and they are patented by the LESI company. They can be mounted on any type of doors - wood, metal, armored.

  • Manufacturer: BulKey
  • Weight: 1.100 Kgs
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Huge advantage of the electromechanical locks that have two stable positions and consume power only when moving between the two positions - locked / unlocked, and at rest they do not consume energy.

Electromechanical locks BulKey BKS comply with the criteria and requirements for locking systems, as their spikes or their  drop bolts block in a locked position and can not be unlocked by a direct  impact on them. This is achieved by worm gears or by patented mechanisms.

Electromechanical locks BulKey are mounted additionally on the mechanical lock and are used for basic locking of the door. The mechanical lock is used as a fixing element ( only the handle and the drop bolt to it are used), and it only keeps the door closed so that when the spikes of the electromechanical lock move, not to provide lateral pressure on them.

The electromechanical locks BulKey are not visible from the outside, and so their existence or the exact location are not known.The fact the electromechanical locks are operated electrically and have no visible elements and can be mounted anywhere in the frame or in the door makes them invisible and resistant to burglary attacks against them. So the electromechanical lock turns out to be the safest shield and in an eventual attack it will save the object. And the mechanical lock distracts the attention for alternative methods for breaking up, as it is the lure for potential thieves who will go to attack it directly.

The electromechanical locks BulKey can be installedverticallyon any location and position in the frame or in the door.Installation with the spikes pointing down is not recommended. Desirably, if the door opens to the inside, the lock can possibly be mounted on the door frame, first because the lock in this position is most protected (it remains on the inner side of the column), and second - to avoid the additional elements transmitting electrical signals through the mobile part of the door. The most effective place for installation of the lock is approximately the mid-point of the door, close to the mechanical lock.

The electromechanical lock BulKey BKS300 is an electromechanical lock with no built-in controls and defenses. It performs the locking of the door by 3 steel spikes with F: 12 mm and depth of penetration up to 20 mm. The lock has a sensor that monitors the position of the door and consists of two parts - active with contact, located inside the lock and a passive part, which is mounted on the opposite plate. The presence of patented by the LESI company system for alignment of  locking spikes and accompanying templates, makes the mounting extremely easy.

For specific atmospheric conditions of use we provide a version of the lock, made of stainless steel.

To be a reliable shield for your door,the electromechanical lock BulKey should be combined with appropriate electronic control. BulKey offers specially designed electronic controls for home doors with contact or contactless electronic keys. The electronic locking systems BulKey are distinguished for their exceptional reliability and safety, with multiple protections against vandal attacks - mechanical, electronic and electrical effects, high-tech methods for breaking and entering. Another important feature of the systems is their power independence, self-diagnosis, service indication and the fact that the user of BulKey have full and immediate control of the system and is not dependent on technicians or locksmiths.The user alone determines how many keys and which keys to unlock his door. The electronic controls BulKey are fully duplicated to ensure maximum reliability in operation. In addition to protecting you against attacks to the system, this duplication gives you the assurance that if any defects or problems occur, there will be a second independent station that will provide seamless operation of the electronic lock till the problem is solved. In the electronic station BulKey there is a special unit designed to increase the power of the electromechanical lock. It could be used in emergency situations, where due to vandal attacks against the door and its twist, it will allow seamless unlocking of the electronic lock. This reinforcement block in combination with the option of the mechanical reducer of the electromechanical lock for increasing the dynamic force for moving the locking spikes ensures seamless unlock in almost any situation.


Type of lock: Motorized electromechanical lock

Operating voltage: 12VDC

Maximum input current: 3A (during movement) 

Built-in sensor for monitoring the position of the door - open / closed: Yes

Sensors for the position of the spikes - Locked / Unlocked: Yes

Current consumption in unlocked position: No (max. 80mA if the protections work)

Current consumption in locked state: No (max. 80mA if the protections work)

Working conditions: -30 to +40 degrees Celsius.

Method of wiring - by terminals

Declaration of Conformity (Certificate) can be downloaded from the "Downloads"


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