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GSM emergency panic button for lifts Valcor GSM580

Code: GSM580

GSM communicator Valcor GSM580 function as a panic button in elevators, which enables two-way conversation connection between destitute people in the cab and support elevator technician.
* In emergency situations in the elevator installation by simply pressing the alarm push button placed in the cabin is performed voice with elevator technician whose phone number is programmed into the communicator. Recorded in the memory of the communicator phone numbers of technicians can perform two-way communication with the module and the car with ringing them.
* Communicator installs quickly and easily. It is applicable in any building with a range of mobile operator and meets all legal requirements for emergency systems on passenger and freight elevators in accordance with European standard EN 81-28: 2004.
* The communicator is capable of remote control (by SMS)  volume level of the microphone and speakers, according to user needs!


  • Manufacturer: Valcor
  • Weight: 0.300 Kgs
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The kit includes:
Module in a plastic box with dimensions - 57 mm, length - 76 mm height - 30 mm.
Cable to connect the inputs
Audio cable
Socket Power
Antenna 3dB,
Documentation for operation, installation and programming.

The telephone numbers to contact the lift company (up to 8 numbers) are stored in the device memory, making it independent of the SIM card (it can be replaced without affecting settings). Able to work setting with all GSM operators, including the specifics of their prepaid services - with temporal and functional parameters, as well as international operators. Calls are charged according to the tariff plan of mobile operator to which the SIM card.

The communicator Valcor GSM580 have:

- Output for speaker and mic for making calls connection;

- 5 inputs with programmable universal application;

- 1 relay output control through call or SMS from authorized numbers.

- Built indication of the quality of GSM signal (range). For the best coverage and signal must find the optimal position of the antenna. We exported antennas with 3 m cable - 3dB, 5dB, 9dB
- An opportunity to notify all numbers for alarm events or to stop communication if there is a phone that is a signal or to alternate phones, which begins notification.
To ignore the fake calls to technicians have the opportunity:
- To set the time that the distress one must keep pressing the button to start a call (default is 0.8 seconds and can be done as 2 sec.).
- Some of the entrances of the communicator can be programmed as interlocks. For example, if the lift is on a floor, the door is open and presses the emergency call, the communicator will not make a connection, because it is not an emergency event. The inputs can be programmed to monitor the emergency and other conditions where the communicator automatically send information SMS-es or provides audio connection between the cockpit and technicians.
The communicator Valcor GSM580 supplied with power DC12V. This enables connection to most inexpensive and easy to maintain emergency power be combined with emergency lighting in the cabin or to join an already available 12V LED emergency lighting. Valcor GSM580 has an option for an automatic indication in case of mains elevator.
Valcor GSM580 can be set to send SMS or dials control number in a certain time (typically 72 hours) to inform that it is in working order and have a relationship with him. Monitors SMS about performance can be used by companies supporting small number of elevators. For companies with a large number of elevators maintained offer computer software that automatically monitors the serviceability and accountability of communicators in elevators. In this case condition of communicators used only call, which is not charged, and the software automatically recognizes included in the system communicators and keep a record of them, when everything is in order retains information when there is no connection with someone automatically turns it by the emergence of an information window on the computer monitor.
Technical parameters
Supply voltage - DC12V (min. 10V - max.16V)
Current consumption at rest - max. 50mA;
Maximum current consumption included peripherals - 1A
Operating temperature - -20 ° C ~ + 60 ° C;

At communicator may contact:
1. Speaker - 8 Ohm <
2. Electret microphone that can be seen in the "Related Products"
3. Antenna - Gain - 3dB; 5dB; 9dB; Frequencies - 900/1800 MHz; Connector - SMA

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