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Fail safe electronic Drop Bolt Lock

Fail safe electronic Drop Bolt Lock

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HATL02FPC Auto-Fan Control & Crypto Module with I2C, 5V, TXD, RXD pins

HATL02FPC Auto-Fan Control & Crypto Module with I2C, 5V, TXD, RXD pins

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HATL02FC Auto-fan control & Crypto module & I2C pins

HATL02FC Auto-fan control & Crypto module & I2C pins

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GSM Communicator Valcor GSM510 with audio channel and up to 17 outputs

Code: GSM510

GSM communicator with a built-in modem and built-in amplifier for sound connection to the objectValcor GSM510 has seven inputs; measured temperature; measured voltage; place voice and tapping; has 4 built-in outputs - one with built-in relay NC, NO, COM, 6A / 250V and three open collector output; expandable up to 17 relay outputs; Management outputs by free call, via SMS, on a preset time, switching; location of the device via GSM cell; memory for events; operation as an independent alarm; Remote and local control of electrical appliances; User labels zones; Control rights of phone users - who number what he can do and what information can be obtained; work with up to 4 telephone numbers; remote programming by sending an SMS command; broad application; numerous functions and settings; signaling the level of GSM signal, facilitating proper installation and operation of the device.

The kit of the communicator includes: a module in a plastic box, antenna, 3 connection cables, power connector, detailed operation and installation schemes! The main dimensions of the box in which the module is placed are: width - 57 mm, length - 76 mm, height - 30 mm.

  • Manufacturer: Valcor
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Declaration of Conformity (Certificate) can be downloaded from the menu "downloads"!

1. Supply voltage - DC12V (min. 10V - max.16V)
2. Current consumption at rest - max. 50mA;
3. Maximum current consumption included peripherals - 1A
4. Operating Temperature - -20 ° C ~ + 60 ° C
5. Protection class IP21
6. Maximum parameters of the built-in relay contacts - 6A / AC / DC-250V

Mobile GSM communicator Valcor GSM510 is a highly intelligent microprocessor control and built-in GSM. With this system you can remotely monitor the status of the alarm, air conditioning rooms, electrical devices, communications equipment, and other production processes, and manage external devices module (programmable outputs), to remotely measure voltage from 0 to 40 V and temperature. To use the GSM communicator is not required to pay any additional monthly charges except the charge of actual communication (call or SMS) by the communicator to alert phones, on the scale of the relevant service provider to which you have taken the SIM card. Functions using established GSM network service call and Short Message Service (SMS). The device is extremely intelligently detects the state of the network,the quality of th GSM signal (range) and the status of the card,which allows torealize the anti-sabotage function, thereby achieving maximum reliability in communication. GSM communicator Valcor GSM510 is powered by DC12V constant voltage. Consumption of the communicator: constant current consumption in open areas is input to 30mA; in bridged entrance areas - up to 35 mA; in the activated relay - up to 100 mA; peak consumption - 1A.
 GSM510 has a broad application area. The communicator can be used anywhere in the world, it is independent of SIM cards and mobile operators.

. Compatible with any SIM cards and mobile operators
2. Five input areas, distributed as follows:
Analarm zone with high priority, which can be selected mode of activation - when submitting GND/ ground/; in case of no GND/ground/; when submitting voltage up to to 40V; in case of dropping out of voltage up to 40V.This zonecan be used as a control area for inclusion and exclusion of monitoring other areas.
- Four user zones for general purpose which can be set for operation - when submitting GND/ ground/; in case of no GND/ground/;
- One programmable zone that is selected to measure the temperature (by a digital temperature sensor, which is not included in the set) or to be a user zone with a general purpose.
- An analog zone, which can measure a voltage of 0 to 20V with accuracy of 0,01V or from 0 to 40V with accuracy of 0,02V
3. Each zone is programmed as follows: Setting of the active level of operation:
 - Getting information from the zones at every different condition - active or inactive (depending on the settings);
- Customer inscribing the name of the zones; Memory for alarm events from each zone - memory for up to 32 events;
- Continuous control of the zone status from the programmed into the system's memory phones;
- Different setting for notification from each zone for each phone;
- Option for individual setting of the mode and method of monitoring and inscribing of each input zone separately in the information SMS text;
- Monitoring of alarm temperatures when going out of the set ranges;
- Monitoring of alarm voltages when going out of the set ranges.
- Determining which areas will trigger a siren in mode of standalone security
4. Three user programmable outputs
- One output - built-in relay,low voltage
- Two outputs - open collector for control of an additional module with up to six relays;
- Control by calling three outputs separately or together;
- Control by SMS text to all outputs;
- Programming the mode of activation of each output separately or together;
- Programming the time for activation of each output separately or together;
- Option for switching each output separately or together;
- Setting rights for control of the outputs for each phone separately;
- Getting information about the state of each output;
- Customer inscribing the name of three outputs;
- Option for flexible user customization of the way the information about the status of the outputs will be given.
 5. Four phones for notification, control and communication
- One main phone number and three user phone numbers;
- The main phone can reprogram the communicator and perform service functions by sending SMS text. The main phone is programmed by sending an SMS text or call to the communicator. The programming and controlling SMS texts can be up to 160 characters;
- Sending individualized information for each phone from the different zones;
- Different restriction of the information and its type in alarm event or other event;
- Control of rights. Individualand the performed communication of each phone from different areas;  setting of the type of communication (call, SMS text or both) for each phone from each zone.
- The model offers a "Random" option for dialing in which each successive press of the button will cause sequential dialing, starting each time from a different number (this feature of the communicator would be very useful precisely where you choose sequential dialing and for some reason automatic message is activated
6. Option to eavesdropping and dialogue in the object, where the communicator is situated (It's necessary to put an extra microphone and a headset)
7. Memory for events and states of the communicator 
- Option to program in which area which event to remember;
- Remembering the date and time of the event;
- Memory Size - the last 48 events;
- Access control to the memory.
8. Option to operate and setup with all GSM operators, including the specifics of their prepaid services - with time and functional parameters, as well as with international operators.
9.Ability to manage Voice module for voice messages.
10. Access rights, control and programming of various functions - they are determined for each phone individually, as the first hone number is the main phone and has the highest priority.
11. Sending of control SMS text, showing the proper condition of the module in a user defined period of time.
12.Option for security without alarm system - one input is used for turning on and off, when it is on, it monitors the status of the predefined inputs and when they switch to alarm state the communicator calls the set phones and / or sends them SMS text.
13. Programming by setting parameters in the SIM card or by sending SMS text for remote programming from the main phone.
4. Option to send command SMS from the phones with set right.
15. Intelligent monitoring for the presence of coverage - significantly improves the operation of the communicator when using it in mobile objects (cars), in roaming and in areas with critical coverage.
16. Optimized function for processing of commands and control SMS texts.
7. Optimized algorithm for notification of the programmed phone numbers in case of event.
18.Ability to manage external voice (Voice) module.When in alarm communicator call the programmed phone numbers, and if one answers, then output 3 will submit a 'ground' (GND). If this output is connected to an external voice module, then answered user will hear a pre-recorded voice message.

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