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digital temperature sensor

digital temperature sensor

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LM2596HV DC-DC adjustable step-down module

LM2596HV DC-DC adjustable step-down module

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Electromagnetic strike lock Fail Security

Code: EMH Fail Security

Fail-security type (Power to unlock)

The electromagnetic strike is mounted on the door frame. The tongue of the mechanical lock is used for locking. On the outside of the door is entered with an electronic key (or mechanical), and on the inside it is exited by pressing the handle of the lock. There must be a ball-type handle on the outside of the door and a handle on the inside.
The electromagnetic strike has four varieties:
1. Simple - Typical of common front doors of residential buildings
2. With a thumb - typically for office doors
3. Mechanical memory - typically when connected to an intercom system
4. Mechanical memory and thumb - Typically for office doors with remote unlocking
The electromagnetic shocks also differ in the force of the holding spring:
1. With pressure up to 1 kg. - ordinary
2. With pressure up to 3 kg. - strengthened
3. With pressure up to 5 kg. - strengthened
Electromagnetic strikes have two types of plates - long and short.
From the OPTIONS, choose the right strike you need!

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The electromagnetic strike only draws current at the moment of unlocking. It remains locked when the power is stopped. In order to function normally, it is necessary to install an emergency module with a battery. Power supply is AC / DC - 6V to 14V. The current consumed is about 1A. When operated through a relay, a reverse diode must be installed so that it does not build up in the relay contacts!
The lock is normally locked, when the voltage is applied, it is unlocked for the time the voltage is applied. Recommended time - maximum 15 seconds.
The lock is electrically controlled, through a controller and reader, as well as through an intercom system. It can also be unlocked mechanically - from the outside using the key of the mechanical lock by retracting the tongue and from the inside by pressing the handle.
There are different variants of the counter depending on the size, adjustability, operating voltages, mechanical memory, mechanical unlocking, door type and others.
It is very important to choose the strength and pressure of the door when choosing this type of lock. There are strikers with varying pressure to release the language.
- built-in installation;
- the door is opened from the inside by the handle of the mechanical lock;
- small size;
- mounted on any type of door;
- it is mounted on doors with external or internal opening;
- intercom control.
The factory defects counterpart is guaranteed for 6 months.

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