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The free Android application VALCOR GSM allows you to manage Valcor communicators easily and intuitively. Through the app you can set, monitor, and manage an unlimited number of communicators.

The app is downloaded from Google Play, not ordered from the еStore !!!!

In the Downloads section, you can find the Valcor GSM application guide!

Supported models of Valcor GSM communicators:

- GSM5x - all versions from 01 up;

- GSM5xx - all versions from 01 up;

- GSM40, versions 24, 25, 26 and 27 For all previous versions of GSM40, the application can only be used to monitor the information SMS from communicators, but not for settings!

- GSM48, versions 04, 05, 06;

- GPS502 and GPS512.

- Resident III G2 - new application functionality!

- Resident IV G2 - new application functionality!

Link from Google Play, where you can download the Valcor GSM application for free.

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This version of the VALCOR GSM application offers the following features:

* Create and manage individual profiles of your communicators;

* Access and control over settings (Administrators only)

* Recognize the model and serial number of the communicator;

* Updating device status via SMS and

* Decrypt messages with settings and status in comprehensible form;

* Label the zones of each communicator;

* Save history of messages;

* Communicate in real-time for communicators who do not contact you on time;

* Event preview, zone sinks and sensors;

* Switching on / off of relays and guard mode

* GSM cell location and / or GPS coordinates in Google Maps;

* Import / export of profiles and settings;

* History of events from incoming SMS and internal memory of the communicator;

* User Phone Management;

* Output management;

* Show all items in the communicator status.

The home page displays a list of the highlighted profiles with the date and time of the last communication. For those communicators who have been set to work time and who did not report in time, the date and time are displayed in red.

The application receives and sends SMS messages for which it maintains its own archive.

File Info
Valcor GSM v2.13 [APK, 5.18 MB]
Help_Android_GSM_5x [PDF, 2.61 MB]
Help_Android_GSM_5x_EN [PDF, 2.63 MB]
Help_Android_GSM_5xx [PDF, 2.35 MB]
Help_Android_GSM_5xx_EN [PDF, 2.65 MB]
Help_Android_Resident [PDF, 2.42 MB]
Help_Android_Resident_EN [PDF, 2.35 MB]


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