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MaticBox 4 innovative case for Raspberry Pi

MaticBox 4 innovative case for Raspberry Pi

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Discounts info
Price excl. tax: 16.23лв.
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Module to protect battery from deep discharge

Module to protect battery from deep discharge

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Raspberry Pi 4 Model B HDMI Cable 2m

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B HDMI Cable 2m

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GSM panic button for lifts Valcor GSM57

Code: GSM57-3

The Valcor GSM57 GSM alarm panic button is a one-module elevation device that includes the GSM module and the voice module integrated into a single housing. Extremely easy to install !!! You only need to insert a SIM card. No other accessories are needed. The device has a built-in Li-Ion battery. The device is ready for use! It is only necessary to enter the phone numbers that will be used for communication.

COMPLETE: GSM module, 3dB antenna with 3 m cable, Li Ion battery, vandal resistant metal button, microphone, loudspeaker, vandal resistant metal front panel, protective cover, detailed documentation for installation and operation.


GSM57 carries out a two-way collision between the people in the elevator and the emergency service, the elevator technicians and others. The device is ready for use - programmed with typical standard settings. It is only necessary to save the phone numbers. It installs extremely fast and is easy to use. It is applicable in any building with a mobile operator range and meets all legal requirements for Emergency Assistance Systems for Passenger and Freight Lifts in accordance with European Standard EN81-28: 2004 and "Regulation on the Safe Operation and Technical Supervision of Lifts". For the use of the GSM communicator, only the fee for the actual communication (calls or SMS) from the communicator to the notified phones, according to the tariff of the respective mobile operator, to which you have taken a SIM card, is charged. Valcor GSM57 is programmed according to the individual needs of each user (or object): by command number from SMS; through the free Android app "Valcor GSM" from a smartphone; over the Internet through a cloud virtual server.

ATTENTION: The device has all the necessary certificates and meets the "SAFETY AND TECHNICAL SUPERVISION REGULATIONS". Can be used for all types of lifts.


  • Manufacturer: Valcor
  • Weight: 1.000 Kgs

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· Opportunity to work and set up with SIM cards of all GSM operators, including the features of their prepaid services - with time and functional parameters, as well as with international operators.
· Vandal resistance
· Protection against abuse
· There is a built-in indication of the quality of the GSM signal (range).
· Eight notification phones
· Two-way conversation with the device
· Remote programming by sending SMS
· Remote adjustment of the microphone and speaker amplification level.
· Three input zones - one connected to the call button
· Controlled output (open collector)
· Two types of power inputs - with a plug and with terminals
· Built-in rechargeable battery. Battery autonomy for up to 24 hours.
· Monitor the presence of ~ 220V battery status
· Ability to turn on sending a control SMS to the device
· Ability to enable the sending of emergency SMS messages

Technical parameters
1. Power supply - DC6 - 16V / Option DC6 - 28V
2. Built-in removable battery - Li-Ion3.7V / 1300mAh;
3. Consumed resting current - max.50mA;
4. Maximum power consumption for a discharged battery - max. 2A
5. Operating temperature -        5 ° C ~ + 40 ° C;
6. Operating humidity - 0 ~ 75% (no condensation);

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Electronic door lock BULKEY BK VCB3

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Mobile communicator with a built-in GSM - Valcor GSM50

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