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digital temperature sensor

digital temperature sensor

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LM2596HV DC-DC adjustable step-down module

LM2596HV DC-DC adjustable step-down module

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Code: LEM-T31

The LEM-T31 is invented for saving electric energy for heating and cooling. It’s suitable for air-conditioning systems in hotels. Working principle: When a door or a window is left open after a certain time the air conditioner turns off in order not to lose energy in useless attempts to cool or heat the surrounding place. The module has a built-in protection against  frequent turning-on a shutting-off  via protection time for a new turning-on of the air-condition. The normally closed contact (NC) of the relay is used for interrupting the work of the conditioner, which makes the module extremely safe. If an accident occurs the air condition will function as if the module doesn’t exist at all. The contact system of the relay is for up to 250V and the maximum commutation current 10A. For inductive load the commutation current shouldn’t exceed 6A

  • Manufacturer: LESI
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The module is powered by AC 220V and is in a DIN rail mounting box. An open door sensor is connected to it.

Working principle:.
- If the door opens and closes within the door open time, the air conditioner will not turn off..
- If the door is left open, the relay will be switched on when the door is open. the air conditioner is turned off..
- If the door has been open more than the air conditioner protection time after switching off (switching on the module relay), 5 sec. after closing the air conditioner will turn on. To take into account that the door is closed, it has to stay for 5 seconds..
- If the door is kept open less than the air conditioner's safety time after switching off (the module relay is switched on), the air conditioner will be switched on after the expiration of the protection time


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