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digital temperature sensor

digital temperature sensor

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LM2596HV DC-DC adjustable step-down module

LM2596HV DC-DC adjustable step-down module

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Home Lock BulKey BK191x with iButton key and Electromechanical Lock - CRYPTED

Code: BK191x-1

The unlocking and locking of the Bulkey BK191x systems is accomplished by an encrypted iButton electronic contact key with 512 bit code, each time the combination is completely random and does not repeat. The system is fully protected from copying, scanning and any other activity related to code theft. The advantage of encrypted electronic keys is the high degree of encryption, vandal resistance, easy and fast control - delete and write, ergonomic shape, the ability of a key to work with an unlimited number of systems. The great advantage of electromechanical locks is that they have two stable positions, they consume current only when moving between the two positions - unlocked / locked, and at rest they do not consume energy.

The BulKey BK191x lock system includes:
Electronic control unit, * Emergency unlock module, * Emergency power supply (7Ah battery is optional) * 2 pcs. readers -  LRD31 and LRD33, * unlock button, * buzzer, * encrypted master key, *  encrypted electronic keys - 3 pcs, * remote control - 1 pc, * detailed installation and operating documentation. The electronics are housed in a metal box.
            The electromechanical lock is selected from the “Product Options”:
1. BKG314 - for outdoor mounting type. Mounted on the inside or on the door or door frame.
2. BKS303 - for concealed installation with emergency mechanical opening. It is mounted in the door.
3. BKS300 - for concealed installation with emergency mechanical opening. It is mounted in the door or door frame.
* Factory defect system warranty - 2 years.

  • Manufacturer: BulKey
  • Weight: 6.000 Kgs

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CAUTION: Before selecting a locking system model, please take into account the specifics of the systems - power plant capabilities, electronic key type, electronic lock type!!! Note also the type of room and the type of door that locks it. In addition to the capabilities of the power plant, the type of electronic lock and the type of electronic key are important for the stability and security of the lock!!! Consider the advantages and disadvantages of the different types and classes and choose the most suitable system for you!!!


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Electronic door lock BULKEY BK VCB3

Electronic door lock BULKEY BK VCB3

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