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Universal GSM communicator GSM50 - announcement, self security, device control, telemetry

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he GSM50 GSM communicator is used for announcement, self-protection of homes, offices and apiaries, as well as for remote control of electrical appliances.

Possibility for remote control of electric consumers - fireplaces, boilers, air conditioners or others. Announces by ringing and / or sending information SMS, monitors the quality of the GSM signal (range), which allows the installation to find the most suitable place.

For the use of the GSM communicator it is not necessary to pay any additional monthly fees, except for the fee for the actual communication (calls or SMS) from the communicator to the notified phones, according to the tariff of the respective mobile operator to which you have taken a SIM card.

The set includes:

Module in a plastic box - - 57 mm, length - 76 mm, height - 30 mm.

Antenna 3dB,

Input connection cable,

Power socket,

Detailed description of operation and installation diagrams


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The kit of the communicator includes: a module in a plastic box, antenna, input cable, power supply connector, detailed operation and installation schemes! The main dimensions of the box in which the module is placed are: width - 57 mm, length - 76 mm, height - 30 mm.

Valcor GSM50 can be programmed entirely by SMS messages, the relay can be operated by free calls. There is an output for LED, indicating the status of the relay or the security status. In a security mode the relay can control a siren. There is a mode for remote control of appliances and many other features and improvements.

The mobile GSM communicator Valcor GSM 50 is a highly intelligent system with a microprocessor control and a built-in GSM. Due to this system you can remotely monitor the status of alarm and air conditioning systems, premises, electrical devices, communication equipment, production processes, etc as well as to control external to the module devices (programmable outputs). In order to use the GSM communicator it is not required to pay any additional monthly fees different from the fee for the actual communication (calls or SMS messages) by the communicator to alert phones on the rate of the certain mobile operator, which you have taken up your SIM card from. It functions by using the built GSM network for calls and Short Message Service (SMS). The device is extremely intelligent, it detects the state of the network, the quality of th GSM signal (range) and the status of the phone, which allows to perform an anti-sabotage functions, thus achieving maximum reliability in communication. The communicator GSM 40 is powered by a 12V DC.

Communicator consumption: constant current consumption in open input areas is up to 20mA; in short-circuited input areas - up to 35 mA; in a state of a working relay - up to 100 mA; peak consumption - 1A.

An advantage of GSM50 is the wide temperature range in which it operates (from -20 to +60 degrees Celsius) and the stable and reliable operation thanks to the built-in GSM. For its proper operation it is necessary to put a working SIM card and to be powered with 12VDC. The programming of the communicator is done by SMS message. After the programming the settings are stored in the memory of the communicator and it is independent of the SIM card (it can be replaced without affecting the settings). Valcor GSM50 has a broad application area and can be used for all needs.

Most often, the module has the following applications: connected to office and home security systems; connected to a car alarm system; used as a standalone security system; used for control of objects and appliances. The communicator can be used anywhere in the world, it is independent of SIM cards and mobile operators.
Application for car security system: Placing the GSM communicator in the car gives you the advantage that for being notified of the presence of an alarm event, you don't need to carry extra devices such as pagers and you are not dependent on the distance to the car. Depending on the programming and the desired manner and reasons for notification, there are four modes. Typically, in activation of the alarm system you get a call on the programmed phone numbers. When answering the call, the module interrupts the "conversation" after 2 seconds. Then an information SMS message is sent (if enabled) with detailed information about the areas of the communicator which are activated at the moment (opening doors / covers, ignition, volume sensor, etc.), about the quality of the GSM signal. Considering all this, you can estimate the situation and what reaction to have and what measures to take to protect your car. If the call is not answered till the 20th second, the system will interrupt the communication and information SMS message will be sent. When the alarm system switches to a rest state, the communicator will send an informative SMS message with the current state. In this mode of operation by calls the communicator will attract maximum attention to the alarm event and by the sent informative SMS message it will notify the specific cause of the alarm. You can select the type of communication in alarm event: call and SMS message, only a call, only a SMS message or no communication. Depending on how you have programmed and connected modules, you may have different from the described algorithm of work! In addition to notification the communicator is able to monitor the current state. You can call the GSM communicator in the car in any time and get current information about its state - a state of alarm - on / off; a state of sensors - doors, contact key, etc. Through the control output, the GSM communicator can be used for additional remote blocking of the car engine, so except the blocking the car have, you will have one more independent blocking system, controlled remotely by your phone. The GSM communicator can be used for remote start of the car, but because of the specifics of this action and the possible consequences, you should have an extremely careful approach to it.

Application of the communicator as a standalone security system: The GSM communicator can be used as a standalone security system for homes, offices, garages, shops, houses, machinery, automobiles etc. It is controlled locally (via buttonremote control or electronic key ) and remotely by sending an SMS message or by a tax free call. When the security is enabled, the communicator monitors the areas and when they are activated, it performs communication - calling and / or sending information SMS message to the programmed phones. When the security is turned off, the communicator will not monitor the change of zone status. Thus the communicator can safeguard various objects - cars, homes, villas, and other machines. You can select the type of the guarded areas - normally closed (such as home security system) or normally open (for car alarms). You can select the type of communication in alarm events: a call and SMS message, only a call, only an SMS message or without communication. It is possible to connect LED which can flash when the security system is on. When turning on the security system there is a 10- second initial delay during which the areas are not monitored and those which are activated are automatically bypassed. It's possible to program an input delay of 8 seconds for the areas. GSM50 performs communicate only in alarm events. The relay output of the communicator can be used to turn on a siren when an alarm event occurs or can be used as a relay for remote control of a device or blocking.

Use of the communicator for control, management and telemetry: The GSM communicator can be used for the management of air conditioning systems, appliances or other consumers by the controllable output; it can monitor multiple discrete parameters (on / off), for example pumps on/off, burners, air conditioners or reaching of alarm values of any parameter.

Use of the communicator for remote control of appliances- a fireplace, a boiler,an air conditioner, boiler or other appliance: The GSM communicator can be used for control of air conditioners, appliances or other consumers through the controllable output. You can monitor multiple discrete parameters (on / off), e.g. pumps on/ off, burners, air conditioners or reaching the alarm values of a parameter. The built-in relay of the communicator is used for switching on/off the appliance, which can be turned on / off by a free call or SMS message.
Accessories for Valcor GSM50:
1.GSM LED- information LED. See here: GSM_LED
2 A button - for turning on and off the alarm or a remote control module Valcor VCB for turning on and off the alarm.
3 Siren. See here: Siren
4.Button withbuilt-inLED. See here: GSM button
5 A door / window sensor . See here: Door sensor
6 A volumetric motion sensor. See here: Motion sensor
7 A power module. See here: PWR1220
8 A power Module PWR1 with a battery. See here: PWR1
9 An external antenna. See here:GSM antenna

GSM alarm Valcor GSM50-set. See here: GSM50 alarm - set

1. Compatible with any SIM cards and mobile operators
2. Five input areas, distributed as follows: An alarm zone with high priority which you can choose the way of operation - NO to GND/ ground/ ; NC to GND /ground/; NO to 12V; NC to 12V. This area can be used as a control area for turning on/off the monitoring of the other areas. Four user zones with common purpose which can be adjusted for operation - NO to GND/ground/;NC to GND/ground/. One of these areas can be used to monitor the power supply.

Four operating modes as follows:

Mode 1: In active state of any of the areas the communicator calls all programmed phone numbers and / or sends an SMS message with the current state. The active level of the zone 1 can be selected to be NO to GND/ ground/  or to DC12V, and for the zones 2, 3, 4, 5 - the active level is NO to GND/ ground/. Output -a built-in relay that can be controlled by an SMS message or a free call!

Mode 2- The communicator works as an independent security system. Zone 1 is used for turning on/off the security system ( by a key or a button). Turning on/off the security system can be done remotely via SMS message or by a free call. In a security state, upon activation of any of the other areas, the communicator will call all the programmed phones and / or send SMS message with the current state. You can select the active level of zones 2, 3, 4, 5 to be NO to GND/ ground/ or NC to GND/ground/ . An input delay of 8 sec can be programmed when activating the zones. You can use zone 5 as an output status and connect a LED to it, which will flash when the security system is on. After turning on the security, you have 10 sec. initial delay before taking the areas under protection. Output - a built-in relay which can be used for turning on a siren or independent control of a device.
Mode 3 - connecting to an alarm system. Zone 1 monitors the siren of the alarm when submitting an active level ( the active level is selected between NO and NC to GRD/ground/ or to voltage). Upon activation of the zone the communicator calls all the programmed phones and / or send SMS message with the current state. Zones 2, 3, 4, 5 monitor the current state of the sensors, but their activation will not lead to communication. Their active level can be selected - NO to GRD/ground/ or NC to GND/ground/. Zone 5 can be configured to monitor the main supply of the alarm or its status. When there is a change in the zone status, an SMS message with the current state of the communicator is sent to all the phone without a call.

Mode 4 -Control of fireplaces, air conditioners or other appliances, telemetry and control. The relay output of the communicator is used for remote control of a device by an SMS messageor a free call! The relay can be operated by pressing a button connected to Zone 1. Zone 5 can be connected to a LED that flashes when the relay is on. So you can control the device locally and remotely and you will have visual indication of the state. Zone 4 can be used to monitor the power supply or the state, and if a change in the status of the zone occurs, an SMS message will be sent to all phones without a call. Zones, which are not used for specific features, can be used to monitor and control processes and conditions as they notify by an SMS message and a call. You can choose the active levels of the zones. (the active level is selected between NO and NC to GND/ground/).

4. The output is a built-in relay with contact 6A / 240V; Control by SMS - turning on/off, turning on at set time of 0,1s to 25s. Control by free calling - Turning on/off, turning on in a set time of 0,1s to 25s. The output can be used to control a siren!
5. Four phones for notification, control and communication One main phone number and three user numbers; The main phone reprograms the communicator and performs service functions by sending an SMS message. The programming of the main number is performed by a call or an SMS message.
6. Selecting the type of communication - only a call, only an SMS message, both.
7. Requirement for the current state of the communicator (status) - when calling from the programmed phones, the communicator will return an information SMS message with the current state of the zones.
8. It works with all GSM operators
9. Sending a control SMS message to the main phone number, showing the proper state of the module in a user defined period of time.
10. Possibility of security without alarm system
11. Programming by sending an SMS message for remote programming from the main phone;
12. Intelligent monitoring of availability of coverage - the performance of the communicator is significantly improved in applying it in mobile objects (cars), in roaming and places with critical reception;
13.Information about the level of coverage by information LED and in SMS messages with status information;
14. Additional function allowing, regardless of the selected mode, when calling from any phone (Unauthorized), to control the built-in relay for pre-programmed time (if the function is turned off, the communicator will not control the relay after a call from unauthorized phone numbers).



by Дими, 22 Dec 2016

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by Валентин, 03 Oct 2016

Комуникаторите са добри, ако операторите са наред с... Какво става когато някоя неграмотна кака започне да звъни непрекъснато за да предложи ъпгрейт на офертата или СМС-и с рекламни цели. Дали комуникаторът няма да се побърка. С тези "номерца" така ми блокираха охранителната система и като се прибрах, бях в предиинфарно състояние. Как е защитен комуникаторът и има ли оторизиран достъп? Регистрирали се по имей ? . . . Отговор: Комуникаторите имат пълна защита от всякакви атаки - SMS или позвънявания. Автоматично ги отхвърля. Ако моделът ви е с много стар софтуер може да се обадите в офиса, за да проверите за обновяването му.

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by Любомир Цакин, 17 Feb 2014

Много добре замислено устройство!Изключително удобно и много функционално.Имам над 20 монтирани от серията 30 и 40 и нито едно до сега не се е повреждало.Единственно при дълги линии,ако е без централа, е нужно да се мине през реле,за да няма недействителни аларми при гръмотевици. Дребен недостатък /единствен/ - антената затруднява монтажа в метална кутия,не е зле да идва с парче кабел или да стърчи по оста на конектора. Отличен за разработчиците и фабриката!!!

by тони, 15 Dec 2013

много е добро

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